Our Private Placement Business

Adara Advisors specialises in sourcing high-quality alternative investment products to take to the institutional and high-net-worth investor base in Australia. The company has taken the role of private placement agent to several global private equity and hedge fund managers.

Adara Advisors forms long-term fruitful partnerships with clients, working closely with only a small number, helping them with raising capital from the Australian market.

As an example of one of our long-term key clients, Adara Advisors is a placement agent for SVP Global. SVP Global is an investment manager, with offices in the USA, Europe and Japan, that focusses on distressed debt opportunities. Adara Advisors raises capital for SVP Global, which has established itself as a global leader in distressed investing. SVP Global was established in 2001 and has about US$3.7 billion in assets under management as of December 2013.

SVP Global has investment strategies which cover the spectrum from deep-value distressed debt focussed on active restructurings to distressed-for-control concentrated on mid-market transactions.