The Adara Group has two quite different parts, but one united purpose – to support people in poverty. The first part is an international development organisation, made up of non-profit companies and trusts spanning many countries, called Adara Development. The second part is two Australia-based corporate advisory businesses, Adara Advisors and Adara Partners. We have set in place governance and compliance structures for all our entities, to safeguard the work of Adara Development and ensure that the Adara culture, values and development philosophy are practised globally. All Adara entities have adopted uniform and globally applicable policies in relation to all aspects of operations. These include corporate governance, finance, child protection, employment, fundraising, communication, privacy and anti-money laundering. Where necessary, these have been specifically adapted to ensure compliance with local laws and respect of local custom. The administration and infrastructure expenses of the Adara Development are principally funded by the Adara businesses. This ensures that donations received from other donors are used for Adara projects in Nepal and Uganda, partner organisations, staff on the ground and specialist managers working in the USA on research, medical advisory and equipment collection programmes


  • All Adara Development entities are audited annually under International Standards on Auditing. Adara Development (Australia), Adara Development (USA) and Adara Development (Bermuda), have been audited by HLB Mann Judd. Adara Development (UK) and Adara Development (Uganda) are audited by Somerbys and Markhouse Partners, respectively. You can access our latest audited Combined Global Accounts for 2019 here. All prior year audited accounts for each Adara entity are available on request. Please contact us.
  • Adara Development (Australia) is a member of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) and adheres to the ACFID Code of Conduct, which defines minimum standards of governance, management and accountability of development for member non-government organisations (NGOs). The Adara Development (Australia) Financial Statements have been prepared in accordance with the requirements set out in the ACFID Code of Conduct. You can view our ACFID compliant accounts from 2019 here.
  • We are very lucky to have had a wide range of financial supporters over the years. As at December 2019, we have received about about US$37 million (A$46 million) in donations since we began in 1998. Look through our financial summaries for the year ended 2019.


  • It is a requirement for all staff, volunteers and visitors to Adara projects to sign Adara Development (Australia)’s Child Protection Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy sets out key issues in relation to child protection and meets international and local standards. Included in this document is Adara Development(Australia)’s Photo Policy We ensure that images and videos from the communities we work in are based on consent and presented with dignity.
  • We do not condone violence of any sort and have agreements in place with all of our in-country partners to agree and comply with Adara Development (Australia)’s Counter-Terrorism Policy which meets international and local standards.
  • Adara Development, which comprises Adara Development (Australia), Adara Development (Bermuda), Adara Development (Nepal), Adara Development (Uganda), Adara Development (UK) and Adara Development (USA), is committed to being transparent in its work and accountable to its key stakeholders. We comply with Adara Development's Open Information Statement.
  • This policy supports the commitment of the Adara Group to promoting and supporting a culture of corporate compliance, honest and ethical behaviour, and good corporate governance. Our Whistleblower Policy is established to encourage reporting of qualifying concerns regarding potentially unethical, unlawful or improper practices or behaviours, and provides protection from reprisal for Eligible Whistleblowers reporting in good faith.


    • 100% of core support costs are supported by the Adara business and other core support partners
    • 0% of core support costs are supported by other donors