Adara Development (Australia) - Our Global Support Office

Adara Development (Australia) is the head office of Adara Development globally, located in Rozelle, Sydney. Other Adara offices are located in Uganda, the USA and Nepal. Adara Development offices in Uganda and Nepal directly implement the Foundation's work and the USA offices lead our clinical and research work supporting our projects in Nepal and Uganda.

Adara Development (AUSTRALIA)

  • Adara Development (Australia) office is known as the global support office (GSO) and is dedicated to supporting the operations of the Foundation globally.

    Our GSO ensures that projects in Nepal and Uganda have the resources and capabilities they need to effectively and efficiently work with communities on the ground to improve their lives. The GSO also supports our USA offices where our clinical and research teams are based.

    Our Executive Officer who is employed by Adara Development (Australia) is responsible for overseeing all our offices and operations globally. Human resources and IT are provided and supported globally from Australia to the country teams. Financial operations including budgeting and audit are managed by the financial team, and compliance across all jurisdictions is carefully managed from Sydney. Global communications, both internal and external, as well as partnerships are managed from the Sydney office.

    As the GSO, Adara Development (Australia)'s role is to coordinate and act on behalf of all entities that comprise Adara Development globally.

  • The responsibilities of the GSO are to:

    • engage with staff and the board worldwide, and develop the annual strategy and operational plans
    • make all significant decisions and authorisations for all expenditure
    • sign formal documents for and on behalf of all entities that comprise Adara Development globally
    • undertake general management and operational decision-making for:
      • all in-country programmes including recruiting and managing staff and budgets worldwide
      • compliance with laws and regulations binding all Adara Development entities
    • coordinate all funds raised by all entities that comprise Adara Development globally, and allocate those funds to in-country programmes, subject to any required ratification/approval by the relevant Board
    • coordinate global risk management and governance
    • report to, and liaise with, world-wide donors, with the support and assistance of Board members and trustees worldwide
  • Adara Development (Australia) has a wide range of wonderful Australian supporters who provide advice and assistance for the work that we do. In 2011, we welcomed over 50 new Australian members who are committed to supporting our work, and who help us shape the policy and direction of Adara Development. Adara Development (Australia) has five non-executive board directors who oversee governance, strategy and the direction of Adara Development.

  • As the GSO, Adara Development (Australia) incurs the majority of administrative and infrastructure costs (core support costs) associated with developing and administering overseas projects on behalf of all entities that comprise Adara Development globally (e.g., programme support costs, fundraising costs and accountability and administrative costs).

    As our operations grow, Adara Development (Australia) will continue to expand its presence in Australia and reach out to more supporters and like-minded organisations and companies who are interested in our work.

    The Adara businesses (Adara Partners and Adara Advisors), are based in the same office as Adara Development (Australia) and work alongside the global support team. The Adara businesses are the primary donor to Adara Development.

    Having all the administration and decision making centralised and undertaken by Adara Development (Australia) allows project staff on the ground to focus on best practice service delivery to the communities and clients on which we focus. Thanks to the core support funding from Adara Advisors and Adara Partners, 100 percent of funds raised from donors (other than those donors whose gifts are specifically earmarked to fund core support costs) are directed to project related costs in Uganda and Nepal.