You can transform lives and bring hope

80 years old, Surta Lama still spends most of her time outside, cultivating fruit and vegetables for her family.

While this ritual stretches back to her childhood, Surta acknowledges that “things are very different these days.” Now, fewer households in remote Humla, Nepal are choosing to grow their own food.

With our world on the brink of a major food security crisis, Surta worries this could threaten her family and friends’ lives and livelihoods.

It can be felt across the globe – prices are rising. After years of climbing food costs due to COVID-19 and climate-related factors, the war in Ukraine has worsened an already terrible food security situation.

Close to 193 million people were reported by the United Nations to be acutely food insecure in 2021, meaning their inability to consume adequate food put their lives in immediate danger. That’s nearly 40 million more people than during the previous high reached in 2020. And the numbers are only rising.

In times of disaster and conflict, we know that communities living in poverty are often hit the hardest. At this time of great complexity, our teams are redoubling their efforts to ensure the communities we work alongside are prepared and supported. As well as deepening our existing nutrition support work and ensuring communities continue to have access to essential services, we are preparing for hunger in all our project sites.

We invite you to stand with us and our neighbours across the globe. We know, together, we can change and save lives in some of the world’s remotest places.

As the world is feeling hopeless, we are hopeful. We’re seeing people across the globe banding together – leaders are stepping up – communities are using their voices for change.

At Adara, we’re responding so that the communities we work with have access to essential goods and services, including food, healthcare and education.

Our work is more critical than ever.

Please join us as we make a transformative difference for people living in poverty.

The Adara businesses fund all our core support, administration and emergency project costs. This means 100% of your donation goes directly to our project work.

Critical nutrition support for Surta and her family – thanks to you

Fortunately, Surta and her family are regular attendees at Adara’s training on greenhouse construction and repair, local crops and food habits.

She says: “The training was very useful for all the villagers to learn to value our own local crops and not to be too fascinated with white rice and white flour foods. I think everyone will rethink what we eat and what we serve our children.”

Your support will help us deliver food and nutrition education to communities via radio programmes, mobile phones and other means of communication. It will also help us ensure children are taught to grow food, vegetables and grains at school and will raise awareness among governments about the approaching food security crisis.

Thank you for standing with us through crisis after crisis to touch hundreds of thousands of people living in poverty, as well as countless others through knowledge sharing. A gift of any size would allow us to continue and expand this work. By supporting Adara, you’re transforming lives and bringing hope.

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