Maternal, Newborn and Child Health - Child Wellbeing Project

The end of a project is always bittersweet. In the case of Adara’s Ebenezer Boys project, we could not be more proud of the 25 young men who were all graduated from our care by the end of 2016.

Adara first began to support a partner organisation to care for a group of 50 nervous and shy little boys who had been found living on the streets of Kampala in 2002. The boys’ families were struggling with extreme poverty and could not afford to care for them. When we found them, the boys were begging for food just to survive and were not attending school.

In 2009, Adara began to directly manage the care and support of 25 of these boys. We worked hard to provide the best care, family connection and educational support possible to help rehabilitate them.

As they got older, we also wanted to make sure the boys could pursue independent lives when they graduated from our care. We decided to transition the boys to vocational training a few years ago. We wanted to give them the best possible chance at employment so they could support themselves with pride. And we felt the best way to do this was to arm them with employable skills. Of the boys who have graduated, all have successfully found employment and are working hard to make a living and support their families.

It has been a real privilege to watch the ‘Ebenezer Boys’ grow up. Their commitment to helping others, their determination to succeed in their careers, and their love and compassion for their community makes us think their futures are bright.


  • All 26 Ebenezer boys have received support to pursue schooling and vocational training

  • In 2014, all but three of the boys will be in vocational training

  • 8 Ebenezer Boys have been elected by fellow students to various student administration positions, 1 boy was elected head boy, which is the highest office in student administration.

  • To date, 3 boys have graduated from the programme.

  • We expect all of the boys will graduate from the programme by December 2017