Financial Partners

Adara Advisors Pty. Limited is the largest financial partner of Adara Development. Adara Advisors is a business for purpose set up to fund the core support costs of Adara Development. Support from Adara Advisors and other core support partners means that 100 cents in every dollar of other financial partners’ support goes directly to project related costs. Adara Advisors has funded millions of dollars of support to Adara Development since we began. Having this bedrock support also allows Adara Development to hold tight to our culture and values and detailed development philosophy, and focus on the people who matter most – those we support on the ground in Uganda and Nepal.

Recognising the incredible power of cross-discipline, cross-border partnerships, Adara has established long-term, secure relationships with a handful of financial partners. We have benefited hugely from relationships with partners such as Aspen, The Adara Kids Sponsors, the Greenlight Foundation, Portland House Foundation, and The Kadoorie Charitable Foundation. We are also always seeking significant financial partners to support our service delivery worldwide, and to further expand our model of 'ambassadorship' and partner relationships, which we believe are effective tools for all stakeholders.

Adara has benefited from financial partnerships through the generous donations of funds, staff time and expertise. We have also drawn inspiration through the energy, commitment and generosity of staff volunteering their time and raising funds. These partnerships have allowed us to expand services on the ground, strengthen our infrastructure mechanisms and ensure a stable cash flow. We are then able to deliver projects consistently, which is essential for long-term community development.

We are keen to talk to businesses, corporations, foundations and individuals who would like to explore the opportunity of partnership with Adara please contact us

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    "Aspen believes that it is essential, as a senior member of the reinsurance community, to operate always with the highest ethical standards. Our partnership with Adara Development is an example of that commitment."

    Chris O'Kane, CEO of Aspen