Our In-Kind Partners

Recognising the importance of partnerships, Adara has established relationships with a few key in-kind partners whose support is hugely beneficial.

We are keen to talk to businesses, corporations, foundations and individuals who would like to explore the opportunity of partnership with Adara. Please contact us.

  • The Deloitte Adara Ambassador programme provides the Adara Group with a year-long secondment of a high performing Chartered Accountant from the Deloitte A&A group to use their corporate skills to effect social change.

    Deloitte benefits from this partnership by providing an opportunity for a talented member of their team to gain both corporate and non-profit skills whilst staying under Deloitte's umbrella. The personal and professional development the Deloitte Adara Ambassador receives while on secondment ultimately benefits the firm when they return. We cannot thank Deloitte enough for their support. They truly are an organisation prepared to put substantial resources into doing the right thing for their staff, and for people in need.

  • Minter Ellison is one of the largest Australian-based corporate law firms. It is an organisation with a genuine commitment to creating social change through its many pro bono programmes. In 2014, Minter Ellison partnered with Adara to create the Minter Ellison Ambassador programme, which provides the Adara Group with a top-tier lawyer on secondment for six to nine months of each year. The Minter Ellison Ambassador works in our Sydney office alongside Susan Burns, our wonderful General Counsel. They work on both the non-profit and the business sides of Adara, and have the opportunity to travel to project site in either Nepal or Uganda.

    Minter Ellison has also provided us with generous pro bono legal advice from a range of specialists at the firm. With so many different entities, our legal and compliance issues are complex. Working with a top-tier firm such as Minter Ellison has made a big difference to our operations, and it has provided firsthand specialised experience in a business for purpose and not-for-profit for their lawyers. We cannot thank Minter Ellison enough for its support.

  • Macquarie University internship programme - every semester, Macquarie University provide Adara Development (Australia) with an intern for three months who works with the communications and partnerships team. This programme has been running since September 2009 and we are very grateful for this support.

  • We also have a long standing partnership with the Seattle Children's Hospital and the University of Washington. Expert neonatologists visit projects in Uganda to provide skills training to then intensive care unit (NICU) staff. In addition, data from the NICU at Kiwoko Hospital has been collected for the last four years and is in the process of being analysed. The analyses from this data will provide us with critical information for the future direction of our operations in Uganda.


    'I feel so lucky to have experienced both the old and the new NICU in Kiwoko, and both have left (and will continue to leave) such a lasting impression on my life. The staff and patients at Kiwoko Hospital are nothing short of inspirational and the work being done is truly making a difference.'

    Dr. Maneesh Batra, Neonatologist Seattle Children’s Hospital