8 People, 1 Passion: Adara Treks Nepal

By Pamela Barit Nolan, Partnerships Manager (Bermuda)

From Adara’s beginnings in 1998, the people of Bermuda have been key supporters of our work, and over the years their support has not wavered. We are so lucky to have many Bermudians who are passionate about our work, and continue to find new and fun ways to fundraise for Adara’s programmes on the ground in Uganda and Nepal.

This year, this wonderful group of Bermudians and a few overseas friends may just have outdone themselves with their fundraising efforts.

This month, seven people that are passionate about Adara’s work will join me as we embark on a trek through the Himalayas in Nepal. We will trek through lush, subtropical vegetation and high alpine forests, while learning about Adara’s programmes in Nepal along the way.

We are doing this with the sole purpose of raising funds for Adara Development.

Meet the trekkers

The trekkers come from a variety of backgrounds, ages and experience levels, brought together to raise funds for Adara’s life saving programmes in Nepal. These programmes holistically address access to quality health and education services in Humla and Ghyangfedi.

Joining me on the trek will be Maureen Moore, Karen Gonsalves, Kristina Juul, Andrew O’Brien, Michael Sowa, Paul Konyecsni and Derek Stapley.

For some, this trek is not the beginning of their journey with Adara. Andrew O’Brien has been a keen supporter of Adara’s work since 2012, when he visited Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda. Andrew went on to run 12 marathons in 12 months for Adara, complete an iron man, and ride his bike across Sri Lanka to raise funds for our work.

“I first visited the project site at Kiwoko Hospital in 2012 and also went back again in both 2013 and 2016,” said O’Brien. “But it was that first visit in 2012 that literally changed my life, inspiring me to commit to something greater than my own comfort and career achievement.”

“This year I’m looking forward to learning about and experiencing some of Adara’s other projects in Nepal and challenging myself with another fundraising goal by trekking across the Himalayas.”

For others, this trek will be their first glimpse into Adara’s work on the ground.

Karen Gonsalves has never visited one of Adara’s project sites, but is excited to have the opportunity to support this important work.

Gonsalves said, “I am so inspired by the work done by Adara that I am willing to climb mountains and raise funds!”

Throughout September you will hear from some of the trekkers as they begin their journey. Stay tuned for more!

Thanks to the Adara businesses funding all of our administration and core support costs, 100% of all donations will go directly to support projects on the ground.

If you would like to donate to the trekkers’ efforts, you can do so here.

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