Aspen Ambassador Trip 2017

For the past decade, Adara has had the great privilege of partnering with Aspen. It has been an amazing partnership, which has shown us all the exponential power of linking the business sector with those in need in the developing world. Together, we have bridged worlds, and changed lives for the people of Kiwoko Hospital.

Each year, staff members from Aspen offices across the globe come to Kiwoko Hospital to see firsthand the impact of this partnership. Every year, they leave inspired. Here is their experience.

Day One: Arriving at Kiwoko

By Bethany Wilkes

We’re finally in Uganda! After a long day travelling (and a missed flight and detour via Nairobi) we arrived in Entebbe at 2am local time.  We were greeted by Rosie from Adara and driven to a guest house local to the airport.  After a few hours rest and our last hot shower of the week, we started the three hour drive to Kiwoko. The drive through Entebbe and Kampala was very interesting as we watched the locals go about their daily business.  The roads were dusty red and villagers were pushing bicycles transporting furniture, sugarcanes and materials piled high.  Trucks and stalls lined the roadside selling pineapples, popcorn and watermelons.  As we came out of Kampala we started to drive through luscious green scenery.  We had been warned about the bumpy tracks coming into Kiwoko known locally as the ‘African Massage’. To read more, click here.


Day Two: Community Based Healthcare

By Kash Nazir 

Falling asleep very early the previous night (8:30pm), I was woken up by the rain. Having to negotiate the mosquito net to get out of bed was the first trial of the day, and I was glad to have passed it (barely!). After a short cold shower and quick breakfast, we headed off in the rain to morning prayers. For those from England the rain was not a welcome piece of home. The congregation however was very pleased, and thanked us for bringing the rain with us. The surrounding area had been suffering through drought, and the rain was very much appreciated. To read more, click here.


Day Three: HIV/AIDS Department and Afaayo Kids Club

By Kandy Roscoe

The day began with the very loud sound of mooing, apparently the mooing of the cow we will be eating on Fridays barbecue. A few of us headed down to morning prayers for the second day in a row (the locals sing hymns and then announce any marriages in the village). The atmosphere is amazing and I will be going every day until we leave Kiwoko hospital. Today’s plan for us ambassadors was to learn about all about the HIV/AIDS programme that Adara supports here at Kiwoko hospital. At 9.30 we marched down to the HIV department to meet William and the rest of HIV Department, we were greeted with the Ugandan handshake. To read more, click here.

Day Four: NICU and Maternity Ward

By Vivienne Lochhead

Oli otya? Gendyi! (How are you? I am fine.) A very busy day today! First on our agenda, we were sad to say Goodbye to our friends at Morning Prayers. The service was a very joyous occasion, as we spent most of the hour singing and were able to celebrate another wedding announcement. Thomas saved the day by lending an extra long hand to Kiwoko’s vertically challenged Pastor to tape the sheet up high on the wall and was given an outstanding round of applause! We then had the opportunity to listen in on the daily Doctor’s meeting where they discuss the cases of the previous day and follow-ups required. The visiting medical students tested our knowledge and a quiz. To read more, click here.


Day Five: Kiwoko Chase

By Allison Bassett

This morning we were up before the sun, anxiously awaiting the start of the Kiwoko Chase. We were briefed on the rules of the Chase at dinner the night before. Some of the rules included: whoever registers must participate, walkers are not allowed to run at any point and everyone must appear at the judicators table before jubilation. With these rules in mind, we had a quick breakfast at 6am and headed towards the starting line to being our 16.5km walk/run. To read more, click here.

Day Six: Leaving Kiwoko

By Sophie Collins 

Waking up at 5:30am the morning after a final dinner with our hosts; Adara and Hospital Staff, Nursing and Lab students and the Ebenezer Boys proved to be a challenge. I reflected on the long series of somewhat emotional but smiley goodbyes (and the hurried mass swapping of contact details) and was struck how in the little time we’ve spent here we’ve bonded so closely with members of the community, and how hard it feels knowing we must leave, potentially not to return. To read more, click here. 


By Thomas Lillelund

Having been born in Denmark, I came into this world in a happy, democratic country with a well-developed support system for its citizens.  However, I spent the majority of my childhood living in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa with my parents.  These early exposures to less privileged regions opened my eyes to the power of charity and humanitarian aid and so I try to donate as regularly as I can to these charities.  On this occasion however, I felt that fundraising alone just wasn’t enough and the Aspen/Adara partnership provided me with a unique opportunity to roll up my city sleeves and put my own two hands to work. To read more, click here.


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