William is one of the 26 boys Adara works with in Uganda. He is currently studying plumbing and metal fabrication at Don Bosco Vocational Training Centre, just outside of Kampala. Late last year, William was elected as Guild President of his school – a huge honour to be selected from all his fellow students to represent them to the school administration. Here is a report from William on all he has so far achieved during his Presidential term. The Adara family are very proud of his accomplishments.


I am glad to inform you that the cabinet has done a lot, and great work is still being done. According to the school administration, this the most organised cabinet ever. This is because of how we do things. We divided ourselves in different sectors, including a speaker to run the meetings, a general secretary, a treasurer who handles the cabinet funds, a chief judge who is responsible for discipline among the students and the Prime Minister.

We have also formed a student council that can forward complaints and opinions from the students to the cabinet ministers who look through the issues to be forwarded to the school administration.

We also formed project named “The perfect lady and the perfect gentleman”, aimed at promoting student discipline and smartness in school where the best students were given gifts for behaving well and being clean and smart.

On the side of health, every day we made sure toilet paper was available in the toilets. It was not really easy in such a community but we still achieved it. We have seen a great change and a sense of responsibility on the side of health which was not good before.

One the side of entertainment, in order to avoid boredom (especially during lunch time) music has been played during lunch hour.

We also formed a club at school which was the first club to be formed in the whole school. Its name is “The News Agency Club” and it is aimed at informing the school on current affairs. It’s led by the students.

Our Guild cabinet now has special uniforms which is new for the school. In order to promote confidence among the leaders, we have a timetable where every minister has an opportunity to speak to the students to gain confidence and to be able to talk in public without fear.

We have done a lot that can be seen, and much which is invisible. l would like to inform the Adara family that my cabinet at school will continue with spirit, as that’s why we were elected as leaders – not only at school but as “Agents of change for the future”.

To learn more about the Ebenezer Boys programme, and their journey, please watch this video!

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