Legal Help For Those Who Truly Need It: A Story From The Women’s Foundation

One of Adara’s key Nepal partners is the Women’s Foundation Nepal, an organisation that provides much needed legal assistance to vulnerable women and girls who had been subject to violence and abuse. One of these women was Amita*

Amita married her husband Vishal in March 2009. They were very happy at the beginning of their life together, and within a year of their marriage, Amita had given birth to a daughter.

Their relationship continued to appear strong until a few years later, when Vishal’s behaviour radically changed. He became abusive and started beating Amita and their daughter. They would argue every day, and he refused to provide for their basic needs.

Despite this abuse, in an attempt to save their relationship, Amita collected funds from her relatives to send Vishal to Australia for further study, hoping that this may change things and that they would be able to be happy together in the future.

This hope of a better life quickly faded though, as Vishal refused to provide any support to the family from overseas. He severed contact with them, leaving Amita alone to struggle to support herself and their daughter. When Vishal did return from Australia, instead of showing any appreciation for Amita’s efforts helping him to study overseas, he forcefully evicted her from the house.

Now, Amita and her daughter are living with their relatives. One of them recently informed Amita about The Women’s Foundation, and she was fortunately able to get in contact with them.

The Women’s Foundation provided Amita with the support she needed, and helped her to file for divorce with the retention of her property rights. Knowing that she has been able to stand up for herself and achieve some justice, Amita is extremely grateful to the Foundation for providing her with the right guidance and assistance.

Adara is very proud of its partnership with The Women’s Foundation, and looks forward to the future results of their work; work that is truly life changing for women in the most desperate of situations.

*Name have been changed. 

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