Resham Khatri - Adara's Logistics Manager

Adara is fortunate to have a brilliant team working with us all across the globe. We want to introduce you to a new team member from time to time, so you can learn a little about their lives, what they do for Adara, and the impact they are making in the lives of many people across the globe.

This month, we introduce you to Resham Bahadur Khatri, Adara’s School Social Worker & Logistics Coordinator who is based in Nepalgunj – the gateway between our Humla and Kathmandu teams.

1. Can you share with us a little bit about yourself, your family, and your community?

I am 29 years old and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from Tribhuwan University of Nepal. Because of my work commitments, I wasn’t really able to attend any of the university classes. But I studied on my own and was able to earn my degree. I am married and have 3 year-old son. My home is pretty close to our Nepalgunj office. I spend most of my time at office and once in a while I visit my home village. My family and the community around us are farmers. We have paddy fields, goats, cows and a mango orchard.

2. What is your role with Adara?
I have worked with Adara since 2010 as the School Social Worker & Logistics Coordinator. I am based in our Nepalgunj office. I look after the reintegrated Adara kids in Nepalgunj and other nearby districts. My job involves things like paying their school fees, purchasing stationary, and following their progress, as well as providing social support to them. I also manage the travel arrangements for Adara staff and kids between Humla and Kathmandu.

As Logistics Coordinator I also do market research, procurement and transporting of all the project materials and food supplies for the Adara Humla office. It is very important to have Nepalgunj office to support our work. It works as bridge between Humla and Kathmandu to carry out our projects smoothly. The best thing about working in Nepalgunj is being able to really help our projects up in Humla logistically.

3. What is the most challenging thing about working in Nepalgunj?
Resham KhatriThe weather! Summer is quite harsh here; temperatures can rise up to 47 degrees Celsius. It’s very humid as well, with lots of mosquitos. The weather also impacts on flights. Uncertain weather in Humla and Nepalgunj, as well as unscheduled flights, plane shortages, and the unregulated and monopoly of private airlines means it is sometimes difficult to send our staff and project goods on time. It also means that transportation prices can really fluctuate.

4. Why did you want to work to work for Adara?
I wanted to work for Adara because I am happy with the work I do here and secondly I think this organisation is working in a very remote area to make difference in the lives of people who really deserve our support. And of course Adara family are so loving and I admire the strong team work we have.

I am really impressed with Adara’s projects in Humla, especially the education, health, and infrastructure works. They are really changing lives of people living in poverty. Let’s keep up this great work!

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