NICU twins turn one!

It was a normal Sunday at church. Alex, Kiwoko Hospital’s Finance Manager was sitting in the congregation listening to some announcements from the pastor.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we have some members of our congregation in need of your assistance. Agnes and Didas recently welcomed twin boys to the world. The boys were born prematurely, and Agnes and Didas have been instructed by the hospital to keep them warm. Can anyone help provide them with some blankets?”

Having worked at Kiwoko Hospital for many years, Alex had seen thousands of premature babies come through the doors of its neonatal intensive care unit. He knew that blankets wouldn’t be enough.

After Church, he connected with Agnes and Didas and told them about the services at Kiwoko. Agnes and Didas had arrived in Uganda just two years earlier from the Democratic Republic of Congo seeking security and economic survival. They had not heard about Kiwoko Hospital until that day.

With Alex’s support, the next day the babies were transferred to Kiwoko by ambulance where they stayed, with Agnes by their side, for a month. At Kiwoko, they had access to the right equipment to keep them warm, expert staff, and lots of love, care and advice for Agnes on how to care for twin boys.

It was a lucky day for the boys, Yong-Sok and Jakwon. The boys were born at Mulago Hospital in Kampala weighing just 1.5kg (3.3 pounds). Despite Mulago’s best efforts, they did not have the space or the staff to care for the boys, so they sent them home with as much advice as they could, and hoped that they would make it.

Without the care and support of Kiwoko, Agnes is not sure they babies would have survived.

Having connected with Agnes in the NICU last year, Adara’s Country Director Daniel Kabugo arranged a follow up with the family one year later to see how the boys and their parents were getting on. It was an incredible joy to see them flourishing. They are healthy and strong, learning to crawl, starting to stand, playing with balls, and loving their parents. Just as all one year olds should! Jakwon now weighs 8kg, and his brother 7kg.

Seeing this family one year on is a lovely reminder of why we do this work – to give all babies the best chance possible to survive and thrive.

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