Today is the United Nations ‘World Youth Skills Day’.

Youth unemployment is a big problem across both the developed and the developing world. In both Nepal and Uganda, where we work, rates are very high.

In Uganda, around 62% of youth are jobless. For this reason, in 2014 Adara decided to transition the 26 boys we support through the Ebenezer Boys programme into vocational training. We wanted to give them the best possible chance at employment so they could support themselves with pride. And we felt the best way to do this was to arm them with employable skills.

It has been amazing to see their transformation through vocational studies. They are so proud of their skills. Of the boys who have graduated, all have successfully found employment and are working hard to make a living and support their families.

Today we thought we’d shine a spotlight on some of our recent graduates and celebrate how far they have come, armed with their vocational skills.


“I feel so good seeing cars I have worked on and seeing they are in good condition. I am also happy to be able to earn a living and support myself.”

Isaac studied motor vehicle mechanics as his vocational course, and worked very hard in his studies. Due to the good relationship he developed with his bosses during his industrial training, Isaac was able to get a placement to work with them in their garage in Wandegeya (a suburb of Kampala) once he graduated from his studies.

With the help of start-up capital that Adara gave him, Isaac has rented his own house, bought tools to use, paid his garage fees for 1 year, and funded meals and transport to and from work. He even manages to save around UGX30,000 (USD$9) per week.

Isaac cooperates well with his co-workers and has been able to learn new skills. Isaac has decided he wants to specialise gearbox repair and is now working with the gearbox team in the garage, as well as in the field when cars breakdown.

We are very proud of his success.


“I love being able to help people stay on air, and am grateful to be able to make a living.”

Alex studied electronics and mobile phone repair and found he really had a knack for it! With the help of start-up capital that Adara gave him, he has now started his own workshop for phone repairs. He also sells CDs and DVDs from his new workshop. His store is really busy, and he is already developing a reputation for delivering quality service to his customers.

Alex had a great relationship with his trainer where he did his industrial training while still in school. His trainer is still very supportive, and encourages Alex to go back to him whenever he is stuck, especially if he does not have the all the equipment he needs to repair certain smart phones.

Currently, Alex stays with his father and travels 30kms each day to and from his workplace. But he is saving money to be able to rent a house near his store in the near future.

His future plan is to stock more phone spare parts, and to purchase the phone repair tools he needs to grow his business.


“I am proud to apply my skills in repairing vehicles to earn a living for myself.”

Whenever our team visit Albine these days, he is always working hard under a car! With the help of start-up capital that Adara gave him, Albine has paid for the garage fees for 1 year, rented a house together with Marvin (one of the other Ebenezer Boys), and bought the tools he needs for his work.

He loves to go to the field to work on cars stuck on the roadside with his workmates. Being part of a team has really helped him to gain more confidence in what he does.

Albine is able to live independently and even saves around UGX30,000 (USD$9) per week.

His future plan is to work hard and learn from his colleagues so he can become a better mechanic.


“Capturing people’s functions on video make me so proud, especially when you see how much my clients appreciate it!”

Daniel only graduated in May this year, but already he is kicking goals! Dan has a Diploma in Film and Videography and already has a job in Kampala, working at a creative studio putting his Diploma to work to produce passport photos, photos, video productions, documentaries, advertisements and even television programs on local TV. He even does video and photography for weddings and parties.

We are really pleased to see him flourishing so quickly after graduation!

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