Aspen is a specialty insurance and reinsurance company. The Aspen-ISIS partnership began in October 2007, as part of Aspen’s global corporate social-responsibility programme. It has been an amazing partnership, which has shown us all the exponential power of linking the business sector with those in need in the developing world.

Chris O’Kane, CEO of Aspen, says: “Aspen believes that it is essential, as a senior member of the reinsurance community, to operate always with the highest ethical standards. Our partnership with The ISIS Foundation is an example of that commitment.”

Since late 2007, Aspen Reinsurance committed to donating US$500,000 over two years towards ISIS’ work on community-development programmes at Kiwoko Hospital in Uganda. In addition to the support we receive from Aspen, hundreds of staff working at Aspen in the USA, Bermuda and the UK chose to fundraise for the programme. Since our partnership began, Aspen staff have raised over $400,000 for ISIS through end-June 2012, through various innovative fundraising activities. Whether climbing mountains, washing windows on the 10th floor of their building, running marathons or having Scalextrics competitions, Aspen staff have been simply phenomenal.

We are delighted with Aspen’s initiative to partner with us on this project as part of their commitment to supporting communities globally. This partnership will directly result in thousands of lives being improved, hundreds of lives being saved, and many families being able to support themselves independently in the future.

The ISIS team has worked hard with the Aspen committee and staff to ensure that this partnership has positive outcomes at every level. We hope that this partnership that will continue for years to come, benefiting people from as diverse worlds as the reinsurance community and the rural community of Luwero, Uganda.

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