ISIS Kids Sponsors

We have had the immense good fortune of finding 13 wonderful families to fund the ISIS Children’s Foundation to support our 136 trafficked children. Each family has made a significant financial commitment to this project over the years. With their incredible support we have made much progress with the ‘ISIS Kids, who are happier, healthier, safer and healing from their traumas.

Without our ISIS Kids Sponsors, these wonderful children would still be living in horrendous conditions. We are truly grateful for this gift. We wish to express our huge thanks to Jack Turnbull and Janet Clegg, Price Lowenstein, Jake and Haley Lowenstein and the Hillsdale Foundation in honour of Carolyn, Dame Pamela Gordon and Andrew Banks, Victor and Gail Khosla, Brian and Nancy O’Hara, Michael and Zoe Butt, John Charman, John and Sue Buchanan, Rob and Mary Childs, Steve and Maura Walsh, Bettina Witteveen who lives in New York and Raoul Witteveen in Holland, and Chris and Liz Greetham.

“We respect & admire how ISIS can accomplish such good with limited resources. Never have so few done so much with so little for so many!” Dame Pamela and Andrew Banks

“I would say that sponsorship of these homes means a great deal to me and my kids. We are sponsoring the homes in memory of my late wife Carolyn, who passed away two and half years ago. As such, it’s a great way to promote her legacy, and it’s also a wonderful cause, being managed by a wonderful group at ISIS.” The Lowenstein Family

“We are happy to have an opportunity to help the children of Nepal, and what better way than partnering with ISIS to give these little ones some hope.” Brian & Nancy O’Hara

“Our commitment to ISIS and Nepal is entirely due to Audette and our trust for that which she applies herself to. Our support is based, therefore, on our desire to see her achieve her vision” Michael Butt

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