Miya gives a better life to her children

Unlike her three children, Miya was born completely deaf and never had a chance to go to school. Now 40 years old, she has worked at the Bijeswori School as a sweeper for many years. Miya works very hard for her money but earns wages of no more than $8 per month. Since she was so destitute, Miya’s children were allowed to attend school at a discounted rate. Thankfully, Hands in Outreach (HIO) soon began supporting the oldest brother and sister, Manoj and Manish, with full tuition coverage. This was a great relief to Miya, as even with the discounted tuition it was still difficult to cover the cost with her minimal income. Sanisha, the family’s third child, also became supported by HIO three years after her siblings.

Manoj is now a young man of 24 years, and his sisters, Manish and Sanisha, 23 years old and 19 years old respectively, have all developed into fine young adults. Working in an optician’s shop, Manoj graduated from high school a few years ago. Manish is in her second year of college and is volunteering part-time as a teacher at the Bal Kendra Children’s Centre. Sanisha started college this year and is not only a gifted student but is ranked among the top five table-tennis players in Nepal!

Manish is an outstanding student but did experience some hard times along the way. At one point, her marks dropped close to failing, which threatened her ability to be supported by HIO. There were many discussions with Manish and her family, and she promised to do her best in the future to improve her marks. Manisha focused on her studies, worked hard and turned her grades around! She has since started volunteering at Bal Kendra and has excelled in teaching. Manish has a natural teaching ability and will one day be a wonderful teacher.

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