Triplets are considered a high risk delivery situation, even in the developed world and thus more so in the developing world as they are born small and need specialised, high quality dedicated care. Marvin, Martin and Mildred were the first triplets ever born in the Kiwoko Hospital neonatal intensive care unit (NICU)! They would not be alive if not for the amazing team there, the equipment, the training, and the know-how. The day they were born, safe and sound, was a great one for ISIS, as so often mums and their children die when there are multiple births in a remote community.

The triplets were born on 28 June 2004 in the first NICU, under the care of Sr. Christine Otai, head of the NICU department. Marvin was first to greet the world, Mildred was next, followed by Martin. Dad is a detective with the Luwero police and Mum is raising the triplets and another five kids. This is just one story amongst thousands relying on the immense dedication and expertise of the NICU staff.

Today, Marvin, Martin and Mildred are happy, healthy and lively children and are ISIS legends! The triplets and their parents attended the grand opening of the new NICU and maternity ward in May 2010, dressed in their best clothes with big smiles. They have overcome amazing odds.

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