Pathology lab for the himalayan medical foundation

A pathology lab was established at the Benchen Clinic in 2011 which provides free testing services. The lab will allow physicians at the Benchen Clinic to easily diagnose patients and increase the quality of care they receive. Having this testing available is a simple way to save more people’s lives.

For instance, Goma Shrestha is a 50 year old woman from Dolkha. She came to Benchen Clinic because she was feeling dizzy, feverish and her body was swollen.

She lives with her husband and four children in Kathmandu. Her husband works on a construction site as a labourer but does not receive a regular or steady income through his work. He usually only earns 300 to 500 rupees per day, an equivalent of between US$4 and US$7.

Having little money and desperate to feel better Goma visited the Benchen Clinic. After her examination she was given blood tests to see if the doctor could identify the cause of her symptoms. The results of her tests came back positive for diabetes. Her blood sugar level was at 312, which is way above the average for a healthy adult. She was immediately given medications and asked to visit the clinic the following week.

Just one week later Goma’s swelling decreased, her fever was down and her blood sugar had dropped to a more normal level. She is feeling a lot better now and grateful for the staff and facilities that helped her get better. She is now a regular patient at the Benchen Clinic to monitor her diabetes and ensure that she stays healthy.

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