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Angjuk Lama

Angjuk Lama is Adara’s Nepal Programmes Director. He leads programme activities in Humla and Kathmandu, and liaises with partner NGOs, staff, political and community leaders and members.

Angjuk is from Kermi, an Adara-supported village in Humla. He started his school education at the Yalbang School – an Adara-supported school – before moving to Kathmandu for his high school education. He has a Bachelor in Humanities and Social Sciences from Campion College, Kathmandu and a Bachelor in Sociology from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. He was awarded a Fullbright Scholar, before returning to Humla to serve his community.

Angjuk speaks Tibetan, Nepali, English and Hindi. He has been working with Adara since the early days. He assisted Adara’s Senior Advisor – Innovation and Best Practice, Dr Kimber Haddix McKay, in her research in Humla.