Angjuk Lama

Angjuk Lama joins Adara as Nepal Programme Manager

Angjuk is from a village called Kermi, an Adara project village in Humla. He started his school education at the Yalbang School and then moved to Kathmandu for his high school education. He completed BA in Humanities and Social Sciences from Campion College, Kathmandu and a BA in Sociology from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York.

Angjuk speaks Tibetan, Nepali, English and Hindi. Angjuk has been working with Adara since the early days. He assisted Adara’s Senior Advisor – Innovation and Best Practice, Dr Kimber Haddix McKay, in her research in Humla. He also worked closely with our Nepal team to help rescue the 136 Humli trafficked children in Kathmandu.