Adara Development

We work with partners, governments and communities to bring quality health and education services to people living in some of the world’s remotest places.

Informed by more than two decades’ experience, we design and scale programmes across Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, and Remote Community Development. We are also committed to sharing our knowledge to maximise our impact.

Where we work

Though we deliver service through centres of excellence in Uganda and Nepal, our impact reverberates globally through our knowledge-sharing networks. We have registered charities in Australia, the US, Bermuda, and the UK, as well as offices in Australia and the US.

The countries where Adara Development operates.
Our Philosophy

Our work is informed by principles of deep respect, humility and integrity.

WE listen not tell

This means:

  • We believe in the knowledge, strength and skills of local people to create solutions to poverty.
  • We ask people what help they need; we don’t tell them what we think they need.
we resource & support local excellence

This means:

  • We believe that supporting the local economy is powerful development work.
  • We hire brilliant local staff, not foreign staff, and they are paid in keeping with the local economy.

we respect human rights

This means:

  • We reach out to, support and seek to fulfil the human rights of the most marginalised and vulnerable people.
  • We support human rights through best-practice service delivery.
we avoid dependence

This means:

  • We understand that the projects we work on do not belong to us but to the community.
  • We minimise plaques, labelling and badging of projects in our name and our donors’ names.
we deliver independent & best-practice service

This means:

  • We strive to ensure everything we do is in the community’s best interests.
  • We are not afraid to think and act contrary to prevailing opinion.
  • We do not take money from governments or give money to governments

we practise the highest standards of governance

This means:

  • We believe in equal employment opportunities, so we advertise all jobs and undertake a detailed and fair interview process to seek the best candidates for all positions.

we believe in partnership

This means:

  • We have deep and connected relationships with the community, local NGOs and our donors.
  • We have a long-term commitment to our projects.
Woman and child in Nepal.

Our Strategy

Impact. Influence. Inspire

These three simple concepts signify the difference Adara seeks to make to our world. We strive to impact hundreds of thousands of lives every year through best-practice service delivery. We influence change through our deep commitment to knowledge sharing and our networks. And we strive to inspire others to use their skills, resources and voices to make our world a better place.

The Susatainable Development Goals

In 2015, 193 world leaders committed to 17 Global Goals to achieve extraordinary things by 2030.

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have emerged from an extensive and inclusive global conversation about our common aspirations for the future of our planet. Adara’s work should be seen in the context of the SDGs. These are the key goals selected from the 17 that our work fits under.

SDG1 that aligns with Adara Development's work
SDG3 that aligns with Adara Development's work
SDG4 that aligns with Adara Development's work
SDG5 that aligns with Adara Development's work
SDG17 that aligns with Adara Development's work

Join us

…to bring quality health and education services to people living in some of the world’s remotest places.

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Child in Nepal