Mother and NICU Baby

Chelsea Kuiper

Chelsea is Adara’s Senior Research Intern, researching cutting-edge strategies to support and advance Adara’s programming and mission.

Chelsea was born and raised in northern California and currently resides in Missoula, Montana, where she is pursuing a PhD in Public Health at the University of Montana.

Her passion is engaging in research and global health projects that promote planetary health. This emerging discipline is based on the idea that safeguarding human well-being and advancing global health equity requires supporting solutions that maintain the health of human and ecological systems on which communities depend.

Chelsea holds a BA and an MA in anthropology and has a diverse work history that reflects her passion for creative, interdisciplinary solutions that support planetary health. This includes working as a park ranger at national parks in the United States, engaging in qualitative anthropological research in the Southwestern United States and Central America, and working as a programme coordinator at a community health centre in Arizona.