Heidi Nakamura

Heidi is Adara’s Senior Clinical Advisor.

Heidi is a passionate nurse, devoting over 33 years to the care of sick and small newborns in a Seattle neonatal intensive care unit. She has been a champion for her patients and their families throughout her career, providing care to thousands of babies. She is deeply committed to providing quality care to the most vulnerable infants around the world.

Heidi worked internationally as a volunteer nurse, including a year spent in India working to design and implement a neonatal intensive care unit. Before joining Adara, Heidi volunteered with Adara for over 12 years, working side by side with Ugandan doctors and nurses to deepen and systematise the care provided at Kiwoko.

She is currently leading Adara’s work to train more Ugandan nurses in the care of sick and small newborns and help support more hospitals to care for these infants. She has a passion for photography and enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking, traveling and sailing with her husband and big white dog.