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Kimber Haddix McKay

Kimber is Adara’s Senior Advisor – Innovation and Best Practice. In this role, Kimber increases the impact of Adara’s programmes by ensuring they are informed by innovation and best practice.

Kimber joined Adara in 1998 a volunteer. After serving as Nepal Country Manager, later Research Manager, and then as Director of Research, Monitoring and Evaluation, she now advises the team on innovation and best practice.

Kimber has a BA, an MA and a PhD in anthropology, as well as two years of post-doctoral training in demography from the University of California, Berkeley. Her focus in the last decade has been on medical anthropology.

Along with her Adara responsibilities, she serves as a full professor in the School of Public and Community Health Sciences at the University of Montana in the USA. She teaches global health courses and advises students in the Bachelor of Science, Master of Public Health and PhD programmes in Public Health. She also Chairs the University’s Faculty Senate.