Pasang Sherpa

Pasang is Adara’s Kathmandu and Ghyangfedi Project Manager.

Pasang has a Bachelor’s degree in business studies. He started working with Adara as a tutor for one of the Adara Kids homes where we first cared for trafficked children. He was appointed as a home parent soon after and was directly responsible for the children’s care. Later, he looked after the Youth Development programme for four years and joined the Ghyangfedi project from 2017.

In his current role as Manager of the Ghyangfedi Education Project, Pasang coordinates with teachers of eight schools to maintain the safety and security of the children, and ensure smooth functioning of schools. He also coordinates with School Managenent Committee members, female community health volunteers, health posts and rural municipality to improve the schools and the health of students.

When not at work, Pasang likes to play games and travel. He says his passion for helping people makes him happy.