Ramesh Bhandari

Ramesh is Adara’s Infrastructure Projects Coordinator.

Ramesh joined Adara in 2011 with years experience in building and working on infrastructure projects, specifically for drinking water and sanitation in Humla.

In his role as Technical Assistant, he makes recommendations to Adara on the technical needs of people in Humla and investigates the pros and cons of various options. He also provides advice on how to assist the Humli community to meet their needs and works with Adara’s Nepali partner organisations to review the technical elements of their work.

Ramesh now supports Adara by implementing infrastructure projects, providing job training to fix infrastructure, following-up on implemented projects and helping with disaster preparedness. The infrastructure projects focus on drinking water supply, latrine and hygiene awareness, smokeless stoves, micro-hydro power, grist mills, solar driers and greenhouses.

Ramesh loves reading the newspaper to keep up to date on current affairs.