Meet Rupsi - Adara Group

Resham Bahadur Khatri

Resham is School Social Worker & Logistics Coordinator

Resham has a Master’s degree in business studies. With his job at Adara, he is accountable for a wide array of duties as Social Worker and Logistics Coordinator.

He meets and monitors the progress of the Adara Kids who have been reintegrated in and around Nepalgunj. He also manages procurement activities in Nepalgunj, coordinates the shipment of goods to Humla by plane, and keeps records of financial transactions.

Resham likes the variety his job offers, with some focus on marketing, logistics, case work and home visits. One of Resham’s most memorable moments at Adara was when he took part in social-work training in Kathmandu, organised by Adara. He said it provided him with the skills and knowledge to improve on his role at Adara.