Adara Youth Community Centre

Adara Youth Community Centre

The Adara Youth Community Centre (AYCC) provides support to adolescents through sexual and reproductive health education and services. These can include family planning, counselling, life skills training, antenatal care services, and connection with health services. It also provides community outreach, working closely with schools, parents and local leaders. These services are available to young people aged 10 to 24.

We believe that supporting young people – especially girls – to make informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health is critical to ensuring they access education, economic opportunities and financial independence, now and in the future.

That’s why the AYCC’s motto is “An informed youth, a transformed generation”. It reflects our goal of providing adolescents with the support they need to lead happy and healthy lives.

How the Adara Youth Community Centre (AYCC) works

Peer and Social Worker support

A qualified Social Worker oversees the AYCC, providing counselling and support to youth and their families. They are assisted by Peer Educators – young people who have been trained on topics including healthy relationships, life skills, family planning and youth rights.

Clinical services

To connect youth with Kiwoko Hospital’s services, the AYCC provides services including HIV/AIDS testing, and antenatal and postnatal care. The centre also facilitates group antenatal care for adolescent mothers. These services are provided by health workers stationed at the AYCC.

Health education

The AYCC involves outreach to 24 schools in the area through regular school visits. During these visits, Peer Educators provide talks on informative topics designed to equip students with the knowledge to make informed health decisions.

Community outreach

The AYCC team visit villages surrounding the centre. Their goal is to provide parents and community and religious leaders with basic knowledge to support their adolescents.

Youth activities

To entertain young people and support them to build their skills, the AYCC also provides a safe space for youth to engage in social and learning activities. These include chess, boardgames, netball, football and basketball.

Service focus areas

  • General counselling and guidance
  • HIV/AIDS counselling and testing
  • Antenatal and postnatal care, including group care
  • Hepatitis B screening and vaccination
  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections
  • Post abortion care and counselling
  • Youth friendly services
  • Community empowerment
  • Life skills and recreational activities

Meet Sarah: Support to lead a happy, healthy life

When Sarah was 17 years old, life as she knew it came to a halt. COVID-19 entered the world, plunging communities into lockdowns and closing schools’ doors. Like many other young people during this time, Sarah fell pregnant.

Fortunately, she learnt about the Adara Youth Community Centre during her pregnancy. There, she received counselling and antenatal care.

Today Sarah has a healthy baby and has even returned to school. Her dream? To become a doctor.

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