Hospital to Home

Our Hospital to Home (H2H) programme is designed to support newborns and their families in a neonatal unit and give them the best chance to survive and thrive after discharge.

H2H addresses a critical gap. Babies born small and sick have an increased risk of complications after discharge. Hospital to Home strengthens hospital discharge processes, provides comprehensive parent education, strengthens breastfeeding practices, and promotes care that encourages healthy brain development.

It also provides vigilant, at-home follow-up support to families for six months after discharge, with a developmental milestone check-up at both nine and 12 months. These follow-up visits are led by a network of highly trained, volunteer community health workers.

H2H shows improvements in


There was an improvement in exclusive breastfeeding rates at six months for mothers in the programme. Rates increased from 6% before H2H to 42% after H2H.

Infant growth

H2H improved weight gain for infants during their NICU stay and reduced rates of wasting, stunting, and small head circumference for age, at six months. 


H2H reduced the risk of neurodisability.


There was an improvement in infant immunisation rates at six months. Rates increased from 77% before H2H to 89% after H2H.


Parents and Community Health Workers had more hope that preterm babies could survive and thrive after H2H.

H2H goals

Goal 1

Provide comprehensive, family-centred care for sick and small newborns and their families during their admission to a newborn unit.

Goal 2

Improve rates of exclusive breastfeeding among hospitalised infants and increase daily weight gain by implementing cue-based feeding practices in the newborn unit.

Goal 3

Train community health workers to provide comprehensive at-home follow-up care for each baby that is discharged from the neonatal unit.

Goal 4

Educate parents on topics including recognising danger signs, lactation and breastfeeding, nutrition, sanitation and newborn development to help babies survive and thrive after discharge.

Meet Tom

When Tom’s triplets – Miracle, Mercy and Gift – were born prematurely in 2016, he learnt how challenging it can be for parents to care for small and sick newborns.

This experience motivated Tom to become a community health worker as part of our Hospital to Home programme.  Now he is helping other families just like his.

Interested in the Hospital to Home package?

This H2H package has been developed to provide users with tools and guidance to implement both hospital and home components of the programme in their own setting.

In the coming months, we will make the H2H package available for download from our website. In the meantime, you can get in touch to learn more. This package will include learning modules across lactation and breastfeeding, neurodevelopmental care, family-centred care, health asessments and more.

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