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Adara Group Announces Launch of Sustainability Committee

The Adara Group has today announced the launch of a Sustainability Committee to lead and coordinate Adara’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments.

The Committee will work with the CEOs of Adara Development and the Adara Businesses to assist in achieving their long-term sustainability goals and objectives as set out in:

  • The ACFID Code of Conduct.
  • B Lab’s B Corp Certification Standard.
  • The Net Zero 2030 climate goals.
  • United Nations Global Compact principles.
  • B4SI standards

The Committee will be chaired by Adara’s Senior Business Analyst, Storai Sadat, and will include a cross-functional team of Adara employees from across the world. Members will serve for a minimum of 12 months.

“We are thrilled to launch this committee to help Adara manage our ESG commitments,” said Adara Development CEO, Madeline Vaughan. “This will help us ensure our work has a positive impact on all our stakeholders, aligns with the SDGs, and constantly strives to be best practice across all aspects of sustainability. We are excited to have the expertise of the committee to help shape Adara’s sustainability future.”

Adara’s mission is to bridge the world of business and the world of people in extreme poverty, and to support vulnerable communities with health, education, and other essential services. The Adara Group consists of two parts: an international development organisation called Adara Development and two for-purpose corporate advisory business, Adara Partners and Adara Advisors. Adara embraces sustainability through its model and in carrying out its important mission.

“Sustainability encompasses how the Adara Group operates – now and in the future – and is critical to how we think about our commitments to the community, human rights, the planet, and social responsibility,” said Storai Sadat, Chair of the Sustainability Committee. “We want to always strive to limit the potential negative impacts and maximise the positive impacts of Adara’s operations, businesses and programmes, so we can continue to bridge worlds, and change lives.”

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