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Adara & Portland House Foundation: The power of partnership

Portland House Foundation has been standing shoulder to shoulder with Adara to support some of the most vulnerable communities in the world for over a decade.

In 2010, Portland House Foundation partnered with Adara to care for 26 “Ebenezer boys” in Uganda. These boys had lived a life on the street, escaping terrible poverty and abuse. With support from Portland House Foundation, and under Adara’s care, they have grown into empowered and independent young men. By the end of 2016, all had graduated from our care.

Since then, the relationship with Portland House Foundation has grown from strength to strength, and they are now a principal partner across all Adara’s work in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Remote Community Development. Paul Thompson, Philanthropy Manager at the Portland House Foundation, shared;

“(Portland House) believes Adara is the very best at reaching remote communities to provide education, community development and maternal and newborn health. Experience tells us that ongoing funding gives organisations an all-important reliable base, which can be the most challenging to source but the most beneficial to secure.”

As a long-term philanthropic partner, Portland House Foundation has been instrumental in Adara’s life transforming work. Together, we have seen thousands of mothers cared for in the Kiwoko Hospital maternity ward, thousands of babies have received specialised care in the NICU, and hundreds of mothers and their at-risk babies have received follow-up care in the community after discharge.  To reflect the high quality of care the Kiwoko NICU provides every day, it was named a ‘centre of neonatal excellence’ by the Uganda Ministry of Health in 2018.

In Nepal, Adara has supported thousands of children to receive an education through scholarship support, with one of the schools Adara supports, the Yalbang School, being named the best school in remote Nepal in 2017. Adara has also improved the health and nutrition of numerous remote villages by supporting local health posts and building greenhouses for hundreds of farming families.

Paula shared that Portland House is excited by the sustainable change Adara has been able to create thanks to the secure, untied funding they are able to offer.

“We have been pleased to offer untied funds with that in mind. The key to a long relationship is authenticity and transparency, and we are thrilled to have been a major funding partner of Adara’s for 12 years. The commitment and acumen of the Adara team ensures the best use of our philanthropic dollars and we enthusiastically endorse their work.”

The partnership between Portland House and Adara has achieved incredible things over the past 12 years. This is a testament to how philanthropists can play a vital role in achieving lasting and positive change for some of the world’s most vulnerable communities.

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