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Moose Toys and Adara: The Power of Business and Partnership

“Our purpose drives everything we do,” says Moose Toys Founder, Manny Stul. “We believe we have a responsibility to bring our family values to life, and when our team is united in one purpose, it fosters a genuine, collaborative and supporting environment”.

Hearing these words, it’s hard not to be immediately struck by the values alignment between Adara and Moose Toys. When Adara’s Founder, Audette Exel, met Manny Stul five years ago, this deep alignment only became clearer.

“I remember when Manny and I were introduced by a mutual friend many years ago,” says Audette Exel AO, Adara’s Founder and Chair. “We automatically clicked as we discussed the role business for purpose can play in transforming the lives of people living in extreme poverty. I loved his passion for his business and for bringing joy to kids all over the world – and all his war stories! After a couple of hours of intense conversation, I knew we’d be connected for a long time into the future, standing shoulder to shoulder with communities in faraway places”.

It’s this united understanding of the power of business and purpose that led Adara and Moose to join hands in 2018 to ensure that children living in the remotest places have access to quality education. Now Moose is one of our critical remote education partners, supporting our work through the Moose Happy Kids Foundation. It’s mission? To make kids superhappy! This year alone we will reach almost 1,500 students across 10 schools in Humla, Nepal together.

Hand in hand we have improved access to quality education in our target schools across Nepal, including providing uniforms, midday meals, sanitary items, stationary, and hostel accommodation. We have provided opportunities for distance education during times of school closures caused by COVID-19, including radio classes, at-home learning packs, and teacher home-visits. We have also improved education quality through teacher and school management committee trainings.

For the past five years, Moose’s commitment to our work has been steadfast. We have admired their passion for education and supporting kids to reach their potential. So, we asked Manny – why Adara?

Adara and Moose are united through the joint understanding of the power of business and purpose.

“When selecting programmes to work with, we try to facilitate partnerships where we can make a meaningful, long-term difference to the communities in which they are working. We hope that by doing this we can positively impact a generation of children and create real change,” Manny says.

“We were drawn to Adara because of their long-term vision and commitment to the communities they work with in Nepal and Uganda. Our focus has been supporting the education programme in Humla and we have loved witnessing the impact on the entire community”.

Manny Stul, Moose Toys Founder

He continued, “the values of Adara and Moose closely align and there is a deep trust and respect within the partnership that has been fostered over the past five years. We are honoured to support the Adara team and incredibly proud of the communities in which they work”.

We’re so incredibly grateful to Moose Toys for it’s unwavering support. Together, we have transformed thousands of lives through the power of education.

Thank you, Manny and the Moose Toys team!

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