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Meet Rupsi

Ever since 17-year-old Rupsi was young, she has dreamt of becoming the first female doctor in her community.

Now in Grade 10 at the Yalbang School, Rupsi is working harder than ever to make this dream a reality. She has been at the top of her class since Grade 8, scoring an A every year. She is also an active participant in extracurricular activities, such as dancing and singing classes.

Rupsi’s parents are proud of their daughter, but they admit it has been a challenge to balance their children’s education with efforts to make a living.

“I am really worried about my family and the future of my two children,” Rupsi’s father says. “Things are getting more difficult every year.”

Like many others in Humla, Rupsi’s parents are farmers. This isolated district has a harsh climate, with long and cold winters. So land can be difficult to cultivate. This means Rupsi’s family struggles to earn an income when crop yields are low. They must turn to other means of earning an income, including running a tea shop, selling vegetables and collecting herbs. With the border to China still closed and inflation rates rising, the price of food and commodities has increased significantly.

“Thankfully, Adara and HCS are supporting the education of my two children,” Rupsi’s father explains. “Investing in our children’s education is far from our capacity.”

Now, thanks to the education Rupsi has received at Yalbang  and the support Adara has provided, she feels her dream is within her grasp.

“I am grateful for Adara and HCS for inspiring and supporting me in getting my education,” Rupsi says. “Their support is very helpful in pursuing education, when you have the much-needed, regular  education support.”

We can’t wait to see what lies ahead in Rupsi’s future. We know that with her talent and dedication, anything is possible.

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