We’re expanding our evidence-based, high-impact model of maternal and newborn care to reduce newborn deaths and stillbirths by 50% in 10 health facilities across Uganda.

This model, pioneered at Kiwoko Hospital in central Uganda, has delivered strong results. In 2019, more than 89% of sick and vulnerable newborns survived, and since 2010 maternal deaths as a proportion of hospital births have fallen by 50%.

At Adara, we know that in order to reduce newborn mortality, we need to address the quality and availability of services, across the continuum of care. By working in collaboration with others, we believe we can support Uganda to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for maternal and newborn mortality.

What is AdaraNewborn?

AdaraNewborn is an evidence-based, high-impact model of maternal and newborn care.

AdaraNewborn works across five arms of the continuum of care. This includes from the time the mother becomes pregnant, throughout her pregnancy and delivery, supporting the mother and baby after birth (including access to family-centered inpatient newborn care), and providing long-term follow-up care to high-risk infants after going home.

By focusing on these five arms of care, we can dramatically improve maternal and newborn survival.

The Model

In partnership with the Government of Uganda and other implementation partners, we will establish two regional hubs of newborn care, working with target health facilities at different levels of the health system.

A Centre of Excellence or Regional Referral Hospital will sit at the centre of each hub and we will then strengthen the hospital and Health Centre IVs surrounding this facility. We will also provide a package of basic training to the highest burden Health Centre IIIs in the region, and work with Uganda’s community health worker system to improve community outreach.

Our first regional hub is in the Central Region of Uganda, with the neonatal centre of excellence, Kiwoko Hospital, at the heart. In this hub, we will seek to improve the quality of care across Luwero, Nakaseke, and Nakasongola districts.

Staff at Nakaseke Hospital, AdaraNewborn's first site.

Nakaseke Hospital

AdaraNewborn’s next site

Adara has already partnered with nearby Nakaseke Hospital as the next AdaraNewborn site. We have begun to upgrade the neonatal unit, provide equipment, improve oxygen systems, and introduce training and mentorship.

Since the partnership began in 2018, Nakaseke has maintained neonatal survival rates over 96.5% in the neonatal unit and is now ready to offer more complex newborn care.

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