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Adara’s littlest fundraisers

Fundraising for Adara is something people from all walks of life and of all ages can get involved with.

Take ten-year old Imogen for example! After reading about Adara in a book, Imogen knew she wanted to help.

She shared, “I chose Adara because I saw a small passage about them in a book of mine saying how the Adara Group was helping people living in poverty, and decided that I wanted to help them. So, I decided on a bake sale. My friends and I made flyers and I did a letterbox drop. Heaps of people came to the bake sale and we made $540!”

We’re so inspired by Imogen’s passion and dedication to making a difference at such a young age.

Even if baking isn’t your best talent, we love this example of finding a creative way to support our neighbours in faraway places.

If you’d like to fundraise for Adara – whether it be for a birthday, a special event, or just because – please reach out to Adara’s Partnerships team if you’d like support.

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