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Bake sales. Bike rides. Barbecues. Our supporters have done some incredible things to support communities living in poverty. And they’re coming up with new ideas every day. Will you join them?

How can you fundraise for Adara?

There are many ways to fundraise for Adara. In whatever way you choose to fundraise, make sure you get in touch with us before you start, to ensure that you have all the resources you need to raise funds appropriately. 

Individual fundraising

Whether it’s raising money for an event, a birthday or an annual sporting event, Adara is grateful to be supported by amazing individuals who care about people living in extreme poverty.

Group fundraising

Organise a trivia night, start a raffle or compete against another person to raise the most money. Have fun and support vulnerable communities all at the same time! Win win.

staff fundraising

Organise a team fundraising event or set up a regular donation system such as charging a small fee to use the office coffee machine. You’ll foster a great workplace culture while support vulnerable communities.

host a screening

Our documentary ‘Big Mountains, Big Dreams’ is a look into our work with the Nepal’s remotest communities. Why not host a screening and charging viewers a small fee for tickets? You’ll provide critical support.

Ready to start fundraising?

Our partnerships team is ready to support you to reach your fundraising goals. Get in contact with us before starting your fundraiser to make sure you have everything you need, and to ensure that your fundraiser complies with our policies.

Imogen and friends fundraise for Adara

Imogen’s bake sale

“I chose Adara because I saw a small passage about them in a book of mine saying how Adara Group was helping and decided that I wanted to help them. So, I decided on a bake sale. My friends and I made flyers and I did a letterbox drop. They came to the bake sale and we made $540!”

These cakes just got a little bit sweeter! We’re so inspired by Imogen’s passion and dedication to making a difference at such a young age.

Other ways to get involved

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…to bring quality health and education services to people living in some of the world’s remotest places.

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