AXIS and Adara: Bridging Worlds Challenge

AXIS and Adara: Bridging Worlds Challenge

In July 2021, AXIS Capital approached Adara with an idea: what if they developed a virtual education activity that Adara could leverage into the future to help partners and individuals learn more about our work? And since philanthropy is embedded in the AXIS culture, what if they took on this project for free?

At Adara, we are so grateful to have businesses from across the globe join us, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with people living in poverty. One of these businesses is AXIS, a specialty insurance and global reinsurance company.

AXIS and Adara have partnered since 2017 with a shared belief that everyone deserves access to basic services, like quality health and education, no matter where they live.

So, when AXIS approached us about their idea, our response was simple. Firstly, yes, we would love their help! And secondly, when we could we get started?

To help us inspire others to make change, AXIS staff volunteered their time to develop this interactive and educational activity featuring Adara and our life transforming programmes – the ‘Bridging Worlds Challenge’.

In developing this project, AXIS understood that engaging and educating a corporate’s staff is an important part of any partnership. However, this can present some challenges to non-profits who might work in remote areas of the world, in sensitive areas like health and child trafficking, and often, with vulnerable populations.

“What is most remarkable is that AXIS have used their staff’s precious time and skills to help Adara increase our reach and inspire so many others around the globe to make change,” said Adara’s Senior Partnerships Manager, Jessica Millar. “They’ve started a snowball effect!”

AXIS and Adara

Thanks to AXIS, our new Bridging Worlds Challenge can take participants on an informative and fun virtual journey through Adara’s remote community development, and maternal, newborn and child health programmes – without leaving their living rooms! Together, they can learn about the challenges and triumphs of the people and communities Adara supports and hear how their business can use the power of partnership to transform lives.

Two of the AXIS team leads, Jay Whiddon and Mary Sada, shared their thoughts about the project: “Our 13 volunteers worked closely with our friends at Adara to create a staff engagement experience that will educate new donors about the critical work being done by the Adara team,” said Jay. Added Mary, “This project is about creating a connection with their clients and partners in distant parts of the world.  We are deeply proud of the result and look forward to more creative partnership moments.”

We look forward to sharing our work with many more staff at AXIS, as well as hundreds of our other corporate partners’ staff across the world.

Thank you, AXIS, for this incredible gift!

Learn more about Adara’s corporate partnerships programme.

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