The L&R Uechtritz Foundation & Adara

The L&R Uechtritz Foundation & Adara – Side by side for over a decade

We have stood side by side with the L&R Uechtritz Foundation for over a decade, with the shared mission of supporting communities to lift themselves out of poverty.

Our partnership began in 2010 when the Foundation started supporting our work with the 26 “Ebenezer Boys” in Uganda. These boys had lived a life on the street, escaping hardship and abuse. Together, we provided care and a home to help rehabilitate the boys. We connected them with healthcare, education, and other supports.

By 2016, all Ebenezer Boys had graduated from our care. We are so grateful for the generosity of our partners, like the L&R Uechtritz Foundation, who ensured these young men would have positive, healthy and productive futures. Since then, our long-standing connection with the Foundation has continued and they are now a crucial supporter of our Maternal, Newborn and Child Health work.

Earlier this year, Rita Uechtritz, the Foundation’s Executive Administrator, travelled to Uganda to meet our teams and see our and projects first hand. While this wasn’t Rita’s first visit to Uganda, she says this experience was as special as ever.

“The visit to Kiwoko was fabulous,” Rita says. “It is said there is a huge difference between knowing and seeing. That is very true. It is always inspiring to see first-hand the progressive impact that The Foundation’s measure of assistance has had in supporting Adara to permanently transform quality of life for so many.”

Since Rita’s last visit to Kiwoko in 2017, a lot has changed. With AdaraNewborn now in full swing, we have expanded our programming and grown our local team.

“Since my last visit, the new maternity ward and clinic is well established,” Rita says. “How fabulous it was to see the familiar faces and be introduced to so many new team members. All of the programmes function with passion, compassion, positive outlook and dedication – and a very healthy dose of fun and laughter.

“It would be difficult to highlight only one aspect of what is being driven by the dedicated team at Kiwoko and Adara. Each initiative brings to the people its own marvellous level of worthiness. The Baby Ubuntu programme, the Hospital to Home field trips, the Adara Youth Community Centre, and the AdaraNewborn training programmes at Nakaseke Hospital, are just a few amongst many other motivating programmes and achievements.”

Rita was able to see the incredible impact that the L&R Uechtritz Foundation’s support has had and hear directly from the teams.  

“It was interesting to see not only changes and growth, adjustments and progress, but importantly, also hear of the challenges and needs the team are faced with in real time,” Rita says. “It is obvious that everyone at Kiwoko works as an overarching team – there is so much strength in that.”

While Rita enjoyed every moment and aspect of her visit, a true highlight was getting to meet some of the Ebenezer Boys, who are now grown men. 

“One of the greatest delights of the 2023 tour was to meet up with two of the Ebenezer Boys. This was an unexpected surprise and I was absolutely thrilled to see them,” says Rita. “Thanks to Adara, the boys have all excelled in life. Their life journeys are nothing short of heroic.”

Rita is inspired by the change that Adara, together with the Foundation, is creating. She believes this is the power of long-term philanthropic partnerships.

“In a few short days, I felt the heartbeat of Kiwoko through the lenses of the team on the front line and that of the community they support. I understood the profound impact to date and sensed the unlimited possibilities of the future. I feel privileged indeed,” Rita reflects.

“The Foundation is immensely grateful for the work Adara does and the special place they hold amongst our various partnerships. It is always a pleasure to be able to provide a measure of assistance to such a wonderful organisation responsible for transformative work.”

Rita Uechtritz

Thank you to the L&R Uechtritz Foundation for their incredible generosity over the past 13 years. It’s a testament to what is possible when we work together to spark change.

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